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I have been creating flowers and working with sugar for over 40 years.  My ethos has always been that I have to be the best I can, make the best I can and teach the best I can.  I continually strive for excellence.

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My latest project

A few years ago I decided to produce some silicone veiners for my own use, to give me more variety and also to allow me to make flowers and foliage which may not have suitable veiners readily available.  More recently, spurred on by the lack of locally produced botanically correct veiners in the UK and the high cost of importing, I decided to investigate what could be done.  These veiners would have to meet my high replication standards, and after a lot of experimentation, I perfected a method of creating large, botanically correct, high definition veiners.  My wonderful husband then announced that he could produce matching cutters on his 3D printer.  And so a new small cottage industry was born....

I now cannot walk past a flower or leaf without inspecting it for suitability to add to my collection. All veiners are made from Platinum Silicone which is UK/EU Food Grade Certified.  All printed cutters are made from food grade plastic.  Our veiners and cutters are reasonably priced and we have already dispatched to a number of locations around the world, where they have been well received. 

This, together with teaching, demonstrating and still producing bespoke cakes is keeping me pretty busy.

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My range of botanically correct veiners and cutters.

You can scroll through and see the whole range below or 

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