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Heuchera Veiners and Cutters

Heuchera Veiners and Cutters


Botanically correct  heuchera veiners with the option of matching printed cutters.  The veiners are made from food grade silicone and the cutters from food grade plastic.  There are 3 sizes of leaf.  The laegest leaf comes with an option of either a double veiner or a triple veiner.  The triple veiner has an additional top veiner which gives a softer impression for an even more realistic result.

Sizes: Small - 5cm x 5.5cm; Medium - 7cm x 6cm;  Large - 7.5cm x 8cm


    Botanically correct heuchera leaf veiners in 3 sizes.  These veiners are created from actual leaves to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.  The set are all made from the same variety of heuchera to ensure continuity when creating a lifelike replica.   All veiners are made from food grade silicone and can be used with sugar, chocolate,  clay, porcelain and other mediums. Matching cutters are available made from food grade plastic.  As with all veiners and cutters, these should all be washed in an antibacterial solution regularly.

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